Mini Blinds

yellow mini blinds in a bathroom

Due to a regulatory change in Canada, certain kinds of interior corded window coverings are not available for sale after April 29, 2022. This includes blinds that have hanging cords, accessible cord lifts, continuous cord or chain loops, or electrical cords that do not meet the regulatory changes.

New Styles arriving in June and July 2022!

What are Mini / Aluminum Blinds?

Aluminum Mini Blinds are currently unavailable for sale on, but check back soon for new styles. Custom-made aluminum mini blinds offer a sleek, elegant look. These aluminum window blinds are made from either 6 or 8 gauge aluminum. Eight gauge aluminum is useful where durability and performance matter, such as in kids' rooms. Mini blinds are an excellent choice for better light control and privacy. The no-holes option, available on some, provide even better light blockage and insulation. Some have built-in contoured headrails, which are so sleek that they eliminate the need for a valance.

Alternatives to Mini Blinds

Despite regulatory changes, there are other great window treatment options to cover your windows and compliment the décor in each room. Sheer and Banded Shades offer the benefits of horizontal blinds with the softness and added privacy of a fabric shade. If you’re looking for an affordable, utilitarian window treatment, try Roller Shades. 

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