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Roller Shade Installation Instructions

Do I need to buy hardware or screws?

The mounting of a roller shade with a chain-operated brake mechanism is easy. You will need a drill, a screw-driver and a tape measure. The shade can be placed standard or with the roll reversed. The brackets should be mounted into wood. If mounting into drywall,be sure to use a wall anchor.

Attaching your brackets

The roller shade needs to be mounted so that will completely clear the top of the window frame. The brackets need to be aligned and level with each other. (On outside mounts be sure to allow 1/8" additional width so that the mechanism will rotate freely)

The brackets can be placed 3 different ways:
Mounting outside frame

Mounting inside frame

Mounting into ceiling


The bracket pictured to the right goes into the clutch end of the roller shade.

The bracket pictured to the right goes into the other end of the roller shade. If needed, insert plastic pin into bracket.

Inside Mount:The cord guide mounts to the side of the window frames.
Outside Mount:The cord guide mounts to the frame or wall.
(Note: Do not apply tension to the loop control)
Cord Guide

Place the shade in the plastic insert/bracket.
Place the round pin (in the bracket) into roller (opposite end of clutch).
Adjustment: The clutch cover may be removed to adjust the position of the chain stop.


If the shade doesn't raise evenly, make sure that the mounting brackets are level with each other.

If the shade veers toward one side, completely lower the shade and place a piece of masking tape near the roller on that side (Several pieces may be necessary depending on how much it veers).

If the shade is wrinkled, completely lower the shade and leave it for 5 to 7 days so the the heat from the sun can get rid of the wrinkles.

If the loop control won't completely raise or lower the shade, you may need to adjust the chain stop. Remove the shade with the shade in the raised position, remove the control cover, and position the chain stop at the lowest point of it's travel. Once corrected, you can put the cover back and re-install the shade.
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